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I found a nice spot to be alone with my thoughts, a bench in a quiet area beneath a tree near the water. Andras was a town on the shore, water was not hard to come by and I found being near it always helped me to think and be calm. One of the few good things I can say about Dalo is that it is ocean-adjacent.

As I sat alone and collected my thoughts, Noble came to me and hopped up onto the bench. I wasn't really entertaining any particularly important matters, so his presence was actually a welcome distraction.

"How are you doing, sir?" He asked, happily lying on the bench next to me. His ability to always appear cheerful was something I quite admired about him.

"I'm doing fairly well, all things considered." I said, exhaling a rather impressive smokestack, if I do say so myself.

"It's been a while since you and I have gotten a chance to talk like this." Noble said, rhythmically tapping his paws on the edge of the bench.

"It really has." I chuckled, dispersing some of the ash off my cigarette with a couple flicks of my finger. I didn't really know how else to respond. Conversation wasn't exactly my greatest strength.

"I know a lot of the others are still shaken up after what happened." Noble sighed wearily, a dismal frown on his face. "Two rather heavy incidents back-to-back like that..."

"I was shaken up at first too." I said without thinking, casually taking another breath of my cigarette. "But I'm not now." I was actually a little surprised at myself as I heard those words come out of me, but they were entirely honest.

"Oh? How come, if I may be so bold?" Noble smirked and sat up cheerfully.

"Well talking with North after both incidents helped a lot, to be sure." I breathed out another small stream of smoke and coughed slightly. "But I realized that I find myself rather fascinated by the Nichts."

"Why do you say that?" Noble asked, sounding at once perplexed but also concerned. I couldn't blame him really, it was an odd thing to hear someone say.

"Do you know where the Nichts came from, Noble?" I asked in return.

"No, nobody does." Noble shook his head.

"Exactly." I said, flicking my cigarette ash at Noble for emphasis. He wrinkled his nose as the hot dirt landed in front of him, the unpleasant smell of it irritating him. "I want to know. Not just that, I want to know what makes the Voices so powerful, where they came from, and exactly how we can stop them."

"Well, we do have a plan to stop them." Noble replied, jumping off the bench and pacing around on the ground.

"It's not exactly concrete though, is it?" I scoffed. Noble shook his head sadly. "My point exactly. We don't really know anything about the Nichts. I want to know more about them."

"How are you going to learn about them though?" Noble asked concernedly, probably worried that I had a stupid and dangerous plan in mind.

"Simple." I shrugged before going into another brief coughing fit. "I'm going to observe. In the end, all I really need to know is how to defeat them, that is the end goal, after all. Anything I learn that does not go toward that end is trivial. Interesting perhaps, but trivial. All I need to do is pay attention in our upcoming conflicts and I can learn all that I need to know about the Nichts, they'll show me how to defeat them themselves."

"That's an interesting plan, August." Noble said thoughtfully, idly crushing a fallen leaf under his paw. "Do you really think you'll learn how to defeat the Nichts just by watching them?"

"No. Observing is just the first step." I explained, using my cigarette as a pointer for emphasis. "Then comes theorizing, testing theories, accumulating more accurate information, etcetera. But at the end of the day, I will figure out how to defeat the Nichts. All of them."

"You are an interesting man, August." Noble chuckled.

"Yes, I am." I smarmily replied back, making use of my cigarette once again.
Family Matters
Of Fear and Faith chapter 15 preview.
In this chapter: With the intense battle of the Fortress of the Damned now safely behind them, the crew regroups in the city of Andras, home to Tel and Lilac, and their families. The experience has left everyone shaken and now the group must decide where to go from here.

Ironically, no family is present in this preview. Go figure.

You can read this chapter, which actually is about family and two of the characters' hot moms, here!
Or just read the rest of this amazing story on the blog proper over here! You're welcome.

Fionbri species and Noble belong to :iconfalvie:
August belongs to :iconag-wolf: <-- that's me.
Writing by me.

Also, if you're faving this just because it's on the "newest" page and you want to pad out your own pageviews: FUCK YOU. :iconfingerplz:

It was dusk in the meadow, the sky looking like it was thinking of raining, being grey and stuff and the grass was a deep, gorgeous green. It smelled like freshly cut grass and blooming flowers, even though there weren't any flowers to be found. I could hear a cute, high pitched voice, almost like that of a child, singing merrily in the distance.

I instinctively walked toward the sound of the voice, seeing a young pink and white furred girl, her features a mix between a serval and a fox, but she was clearly also a Fionbri like me. Her hair was cut short and kinda wavy and she had an innocent smile on her face as she ran through the meadow, singing her heart out.

"Hello?" I timidly approached the girl.

"Oh, it's you." The girl sounded very happy, like there was no one she would rather have seen than me. "I was wondering when you'd find me, especially after Lilac found her self so fast. It's too bad, I totally would've bet on you to be quicker than her. Oh well, I still bet you attain Enlightenment before her."

"What are you talking about?" I tilted my head confusedly.

"Oh right, sorry!" The girl said bashfully, giving herself a playful bonk on the head. "She hasn't talked to you about that, so please forget I said it."

"Um... kay." I didn't know what else to say. I was so lost.

"If you're here, things must be serious where you are." The girl said solemnly.

"Um, yeah I guess." I said, still trying to wrap my head around where I was and what was going on. "Oh yeah, right! Sorrow!"

"Sorrow..." There was pain and a hint of anger in the girl's voice. "Right, of course." She took in a deep breath and then smiled gorgeously at me. "Well you're in luck!"

"I am?" I said eagerly. I had a feeling I knew what I was about to get and I was chomping at the bit to see if I was right.

"Yes!" The girl chirped, summoning a beautiful sword from thin air. "Because I'm gonna give you this!" She handed me the weapon and my heart jumped into my throat and chills went down my spine.

It was a jian, a straight, thin sword. Its blade was white with a pink fiery pattern spanning the length of the blade in the middle with what looked like pink ink blots beside it. The handle was pale pink with a small, simple white guard and pommel.

"Holy crap, is this a Testament?!" I excitedly hopped up and down, slashing my new cool sword in the air. I couldn't even believe I was holding my very own Testament. If I had been any happier I might have exploded.

"It sure as peas is, yo!" The girl said, punching my arm playfully and beaming. "And yer gonna use it to kick that Sorrow's ass, y'hear me?!"

"I sure as peas do!" I responded enthusiastically. I was so ready to kick some ass!
Of Fear and Faith chapter 14 preview.
In this chapter: With the weary Disciples in tow and the group battered and bruised, they put everything on the line in one last ditch effort to defeat Sorrow, and their assault’s success lies in the hands of one person: Elin.

It's called "Resolution" cuz it resolves this story arc, but also cuz that's what her Testament is called! Wow Silver, you're so smart and clever! :clap:

You can read the rest of this chapter here!
Or you can just read the rest of the story on the blog itself over here!

Elin belongs to :iconpand-ass:
Fionbri species belongs to :iconfalvie:
Writing by me.
My Sigma Team: Gliscor (Lucius), Weavile (Charlie), Altaria (Shizuka), Starmie (Hoshi), Heracross (Jo), and Lanturn (Ruto). After beating the Elite Four with my Alpha Team, I started getting a little bored. I decided I’d make a new team out of Pokemon that weren’t in the Unova Dex, starting with Gligar and Sneasel who I’d already caught (I’m also proud to say they both evolved at the same time XD).

After I chose them as my initial two, I went to fight Tropius’ and Altarias since Charlie defeated them really easily. I caught an Altaria there because they’re so damn cute, and then headed to Undella Town, where I decided I needed to catch a Water type. I thought about it for a bit and decided to use a Staryu that I’d caught previously, and evolved it with my Water Stone, a decision I later regretted since it turned out I could just f*cking catch Starmie *IN THE WILD*. >:I Oh well, I can also catch wild Poliwraths, so the only other thing I’d need a Water Stone for would be Simipour (only other thing I care about anyway).

Once I had my Starmie, it was off to catch a Bug type, because in case you didn’t notice by the fact that my Alpha and Beta teams both had two Bugs in them, I really like Bug types (I was so happy when they started getting good moves in Gen IV XD). I initially decided to get Beedrill, one of my all-time favorites and a total classic, but I found a wild Heracross while looking for one and decided to get that instead. I’d never used Heracross before and always wanted to, so I was pretty happy when I finally got to use her.

I finally had five Pokemon, so I only needed one more. I looked at my rad team and decided to be more intentional this time, since I caught most of these Pokemon kinda on accident. I knew I needed a Grass or Electric type, but couldn’t decide which, until eventually I chose as my last team member: Lanturn. An odd choice, and honestly I don’t even remember *why* I chose Lanturn, but I did. The problem was, I had no idea if I could even catch Chincou or Lanturn in Unova.

I proceeded to spend the next two hours searching every single body of water I could think of looking for one. Imagine my glee when I’m fishing off the coast of Driftveil City, near the lighthouse, and I reel in a Chinchou! I caught it immediately but then decided I wanted a female one instead, so I surfed around a bit, fishing in whirlpools until I caught Ruto. It was only after that I realized I didn’t need to fish in the whirlpools, any water in the area would’ve been fine.

My Sigma Team are all level 60+. Jo and Hoshi are the main powerhouses on the team, especially since Hoshi is so damn fast. Charlie’s Beat Up attack OHKs pretty much anyone it hits and Lucius, despite his fairly weak moveset, is also one of my strongest mons. Shizuka and Ruto are badass too, of course. X3

Last but not least is my Omega Team: Cobalion (Gen), Virizion (Xeno), Terrakion (Jarnsaxa), and Hydreigon (Somnus). Somnus is still a Deino at the moment, but still. Originally I used Metagross instead of Hydreigon, but I figured the Dark\Dragon would cover the Legendary Trio’s weaknesses better and plus no other Pokemon fits Somnus’ character better than Hydreigon. I don’t usually use Legendaries, but hot damn I love this trio. They are just so much fun to use, I still haven’t gotten tired of ‘em. X3

Other Pokemon I used through my initial run of Unova are: Stoutland (Jorel), Swoobat (Ziminiar), Boldore (Guardian, I stopped using her after I realized I couldn’t evolve her), Zebstrika (Tantalus), and Emboar (Mars).

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say on Gen V for now. I hope you got some enjoyment out of my rambles, I certainly did. X3


(french the rainbow)

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