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The hot water of the shower washed away the sting of Perseus’ memories as it poured over her nude masculine body.
The fear and hate that she felt from being molested by the drunken lout gave way to the comfort and peace she always felt when touched by natural water. She remembered being five years old and running to a nearby lake after telling her mother that she felt born into the wrong body, and she remembered the caress of the water as she soaked her feet in it while crying her eyes out after her mother rebuked her.

By the time she stepped out of the shower she had a smile on her face and felt the warmth of her God all around her, but that smile only lasted until she looked at the mirror hanging above the sink and saw the “man” that dared to call itself her reflection.
She put a hand on her chest, longing to feel the soft flesh of her own breasts, and dug her nails into her skin when she realized all she could feel was a prison made flesh.

She gripped tightly to the sink and stared straight into her blood red eyes in the mirror. She saw anger, hatred, sadness and desperation reflected back at her. She wanted to cry or scream or shatter the mirror and feel her blood dripping from her fist but she knew from too much experience that none of those things would help her.
All she could do was swallow her pain and dream of a day when she might see herself in the mirror.
This is a scene from August Stars: The Blue Devil, a book being written by me. :dummy:
Here we see Perseus, one of the main characters, trying to wash off a bad experience from earlier in the day and just being reminded of all the things she hates about her own body. It was an interesting scene to write, and I'm happy about the positive feedback I've gotten from a few people for it... if slightly embarrassed. ^///^

Oh and hey, you can follow the incredibly haphazard writing process of The Blue Devil over here on my tumblbumbl! :la: You won't find prices like these anywhere else!


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