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My Sigma Team: Gliscor (Lucius), Weavile (Charlie), Altaria (Shizuka), Starmie (Hoshi), Heracross (Jo), and Lanturn (Ruto). After beating the Elite Four with my Alpha Team, I started getting a little bored. I decided I’d make a new team out of Pokemon that weren’t in the Unova Dex, starting with Gligar and Sneasel who I’d already caught (I’m also proud to say they both evolved at the same time XD).

After I chose them as my initial two, I went to fight Tropius’ and Altarias since Charlie defeated them really easily. I caught an Altaria there because they’re so damn cute, and then headed to Undella Town, where I decided I needed to catch a Water type. I thought about it for a bit and decided to use a Staryu that I’d caught previously, and evolved it with my Water Stone, a decision I later regretted since it turned out I could just f*cking catch Starmie *IN THE WILD*. >:I Oh well, I can also catch wild Poliwraths, so the only other thing I’d need a Water Stone for would be Simipour (only other thing I care about anyway).

Once I had my Starmie, it was off to catch a Bug type, because in case you didn’t notice by the fact that my Alpha and Beta teams both had two Bugs in them, I really like Bug types (I was so happy when they started getting good moves in Gen IV XD). I initially decided to get Beedrill, one of my all-time favorites and a total classic, but I found a wild Heracross while looking for one and decided to get that instead. I’d never used Heracross before and always wanted to, so I was pretty happy when I finally got to use her.

I finally had five Pokemon, so I only needed one more. I looked at my rad team and decided to be more intentional this time, since I caught most of these Pokemon kinda on accident. I knew I needed a Grass or Electric type, but couldn’t decide which, until eventually I chose as my last team member: Lanturn. An odd choice, and honestly I don’t even remember *why* I chose Lanturn, but I did. The problem was, I had no idea if I could even catch Chincou or Lanturn in Unova.

I proceeded to spend the next two hours searching every single body of water I could think of looking for one. Imagine my glee when I’m fishing off the coast of Driftveil City, near the lighthouse, and I reel in a Chinchou! I caught it immediately but then decided I wanted a female one instead, so I surfed around a bit, fishing in whirlpools until I caught Ruto. It was only after that I realized I didn’t need to fish in the whirlpools, any water in the area would’ve been fine.

My Sigma Team are all level 60+. Jo and Hoshi are the main powerhouses on the team, especially since Hoshi is so damn fast. Charlie’s Beat Up attack OHKs pretty much anyone it hits and Lucius, despite his fairly weak moveset, is also one of my strongest mons. Shizuka and Ruto are badass too, of course. X3

Last but not least is my Omega Team: Cobalion (Gen), Virizion (Xeno), Terrakion (Jarnsaxa), and Hydreigon (Somnus). Somnus is still a Deino at the moment, but still. Originally I used Metagross instead of Hydreigon, but I figured the Dark\Dragon would cover the Legendary Trio’s weaknesses better and plus no other Pokemon fits Somnus’ character better than Hydreigon. I don’t usually use Legendaries, but hot damn I love this trio. They are just so much fun to use, I still haven’t gotten tired of ‘em. X3

Other Pokemon I used through my initial run of Unova are: Stoutland (Jorel), Swoobat (Ziminiar), Boldore (Guardian, I stopped using her after I realized I couldn’t evolve her), Zebstrika (Tantalus), and Emboar (Mars).

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say on Gen V for now. I hope you got some enjoyment out of my rambles, I certainly did. X3


(french the rainbow)

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